Applied Research Methods for Contemporary Issues

To research, at its core, means to investigate something in order to reach a new conclusion.  In your ARM course, you will learn how to use language and technology in order to examine how the world works, as well as how to change it.  By the end of this year, students will:


  • WRITE in a class notebook, as well as TYPE and CREATE DOCUMENTS,

  • DISCUSS ideas -- both by SPEAKING their minds and by LISTENING to others,

  • Analyze DATA by creating SPREADSHEETS and CHARTS, and

  • Present research in MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS


These questions can be used to help evaluate how reliable sources are. Credit: Jonathan Weil, Stuyvesant High School, NY

Read these examples of A+ Inquiry Project Introductions to help guide your writing.

Use this link to help you choose the best types of charts and graphs to use when visualizing your data.

This presentation will guide you through making your Hyperlink Mixtape. Planning sheets are also available in class.

This presentation will guide you through setting up your De Anza Gmail account, including making your Gmail signature.

Class Syllabus

This document contains the essential information that you will need in order to be sucessful in this class.  This includes a supplies list, a breakdown of how your grade is calculated, and ways to reach me.

Parent and Family Letter

This is a letter home to your family from me, which introduces me and invites your parent to Back-to-School Night.  Please make sure to return the slip at the bottom of this letter with a signature from a parent, gaurdian, or family member.

Academic Autobiography

This is your first major piece of writing for this class.  It is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to me and to our class, as well as a chance to reflect and make choices about who you want to be in high school.

Academic Autobiography Outline

This document will help you create an outline for your academic autobiography.

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